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  • Discover how to build lean muscle and lose body fat with our proven nutrition methods.

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Founder Of Rogers Fitness Academy


Eric Rogers

Owner and Founder Of Rogers Fitness Academy

Eric is known to have one of the greatest transformations this world has ever seen.  Not just physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual as well.

He is a born Leader, influencer and Entrepreneur. 

Bodybuilding is one of his absolute passions, but there is so much more to him than Fitness.

He is a Husband and Father. Family is EVERYTHING to him. 
He is a God fearing man and he takes his freedom seriously.

He has overcome massive adversities in his life and has built a life from the absolute bottom. Homeless, addiction to methamphetamine, jail-time, violence, suicide attempts and trauma. 

Eric is a survivor, and now he lives to tell his story and help others through their issues. through changing their daily habits.

He has been featured on multiple high profile podcasts and is becoming well known in the self development and mental health realms.

His goal is to spread a POWERFUL message. You are what you strive to be IF you put in the work! There is nobody more influential in your life besides yourself. Your attitude and mentality determine your character. Your Character determines your success.

The Warrior mentality is one that cannot be broken and discipline is the only thing keeping you from reaching your full potential.

My main focus is growth. Ordinary is not an option, and I plan on showing the world what happens when you live a disciplined lifestyle. He is a rare breed and a man of many aspirations.

He's here to serve his community in becoming one of strength and ambition.

Written Client Testimonials

Hi my name is Alex and I’m 24 years old. Before I was training with Eric I was really struggling with my weight. I wasn’t sure why because I was working out consistently and eating fairly good, but when it came to how much food I was supposed to eat I was clueless. I was starting to get discouraged and I knew I wanted a more long term solution. It wasn’t until I started training with Eric that I realized what my issue was. I realized I wasn’t eating enough and doing enough cardio. So I decided to make the change and take a chance on having Eric help me out, and I’m really happy I did. Just in the first week I lost 5 pounds! I’m excited for my long term training with Eric and I would pay ten times the price to do it over again! If you’re not sure about working with Eric I would strongly reconsider and put your training into his hands!

"I'm 29 years old, I weigh 155 lbs. Since
joining Rogers Fitness Academy and having
a fitness program made personally for my
goals, I have seen an increase in energy both
mentally and physically. I wouldn't change a thing.
Rogers Fitness Academy 
is the way to go!"

Glenn Hess

Programs We Offer

V.I.P Program

(12 Weeks)

High achievers. Listen up!

The Elite Mindset program is for those that are looking to take their life to a TOP LEVEL.

Your goals are set very high and you are finding yourself at a glass ceiling. Struggling to break through.

You may be dealing with doubt and discernment, but really believe that it's possible.

You may have bad habits and thoughts that hold you back, but you are ready to let go.

You are ready to learn the tools to overcome this and many other obstacles that come your way.

Here's what you will receive:

-Mindset Materials (Book, Journal)

-Custom Non-negotiable Daily Task-list

-One On One Zoom Calls With Coach, Eric Rogers

-Custom Nutrition Plan

-Custom Workout plan

-24/7 Support

-Daily Accountability

-Access To Our Private FB Group The Front Line

-Weekly Group Zoom Calls

Basic Program

(12 Weeks)

This Program is for EVERYONE

No matter what the struggle is, whether its mental struggles, addiction issues, lack of drive and awareness, or just living an unhealthy lifestyle we can help you change your life.

You were made for much more, and you are about to build a new foundation that cannot be broken and will prove that anything is possible.

Here's what you will receive:

-Custom Nutrition Plan

-Custom Workout plan

-24/7 Support

-Daily Accountability

-Access To Our Private FB Group The Front Line

-Weekly Group Zoom Calls **High Value!!

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